2017 Bark+Build

The Dallas AIA and TEXO have partnered with the SPCA again this year for the Bark+Build contest, pairing up architecture firms and general contractors to create unique dog houses which are raffled off in December.  Proceeds benefit the SPCA of North Texas - a worthy cause for sure.  While Eckxstudio isn't one of the architecture firms [...]

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New [Modern] Design Update

Every architect knows that design is sometimes fluid, sometimes not so flexible.  Some architects have been known to "put their foot down" on a variety of issues when faced with a potential design change whether the change is requested by the client or suggested by someone such as the builder.  There may be good reasons [...]

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New [Modern]

Eckxstudio is rolling through the design phases of our latest modern residence which will soon see construction activity begin in Dallas, Texas.  This 2-story, 3,000 square foot modern home will feature a dynamic, powerful exterior expression rendered with stucco, stained wood, and a specialty metal panel system.  The interior of the home will have an [...]

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I Hate My Toilet!

Yes, that's right.  I hate my new toilet.  Well, maybe hate is too strong of a term.  OK, I really dislike my new toilet.  Why, you ask?  It all boils down to preference.  Preference on....what? While all toilets basically do the same thing [flush, refill, flush...not talking about the composting toilets out there] and there [...]

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Could that be…a modern dog house?

Eckxstudio is proud to announce our partnership with Attaway Homes as one of the 15 teams participating in the 2015 AIA Dallas / TEXO Bark + Build  contest.  We have designed and built a modern dog house which will soon be on display at NorthPark Mall from November 16th through December 7th.  All 15 entries will [...]

Is this a [color] test?

I was told this wasn't like school and there would be no more tests.  And that there would be snacks.  I don't see any snacks.  What?  Now I have to take a test?  Oh boy. The jobs of an Architect and Designer frequently include the evaluation of colors....colors of paint, materials, metals, you name it. [...]

Seismic Coffee Table – Part 3

The modern Seismic/Coffee\Table is coming along well.  If you've just joined us, the earlier posts for the coffee table design and the beginning of fabrication can be reviewed for reference and catch-up.  Most of the piece-by-piece cutting is complete and I'll begin assembly of each of the coffee table segments, then show a few images [...]

Seismic Coffee Table – Part 2

I wrapped up Design Development on the Seismic/Coffee\Table and through discussions with the clients ended up modifying the wood coffee table design just a bit to suit the clients' needs.  The previous post "Modern Coffee Table" examined my design origins and presented two options - one in aluminum and the other in wood.  You can see that [...]

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Modern Coffee Table

I was recently commissioned to design and build a unique, modern coffee table for a husband & wife client.  They searched the internet and local furniture showrooms without finding something that speaks to their tastes and space, and we randomly struck up a conversation about how it can be difficult to find the ideal piece. [...]

Inspiration & Design

I have received a few requests to elaborate on the design process I went through when I came up with the design (image below) for a ski design contest.  By the way, this contest is still ongoing as of December 17th.....find it here and vote for my design!  Really, the design process I follow is [...]

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Design Contests

Quite often Architects enter design contests of all kinds.  Sometimes (in regards to architecture) patrons or corporations hold an open-invite competition to solicit ideas and find a talented pool of Architects for their upcoming project.  Or sometimes the group holding the competition invites a few select firms to compete for a commission.  But what ever [...]

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Because I’m All About That Base!

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head (thanks, radio DJ) and it turned out to be an idea for your next blog post? Me neither until the other day. Modern architecture is about clean, crisp detailing and that includes things like the wall base. What is a wall base you ask? It [...]

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Recap: AIA Dallas Modern Home Tour ’14

Post feature image credits:  Design by Todd Hamilton, AIA; Photography by Craig Kuhner That's a wrap!  If you missed the 2014 home tour put on by AIA Dallas you missed out.  It was a chance to see 9 unique projects by a variety of local architects, and also see the quality of construction put into [...]

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Avoid Building and Design Issues during Your Project

I thought I'd devote this post as the first of a series to talk about the Client-Architect agreement after hearing about a situation that has come up from a friend of a friend. But before I dive on in let me clarify a) I don't know the whole story, b) I've not met the parties [...]

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Quality of Home Builders – The Devil is in the Details

Dallas: 8   Houston: 5 I'm always on the lookout for good residential contractors.  As an Architect, knowing who to call and who to count on to successfully build a modern project is paramount.  I recently posted about a trip to Houston for a modern home tour (see coverage here).  I guess that many of the tour participants [...]

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