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I Told You So!

I knew it!  Good architecture and design can equate to better health after all.  I read this report written by H. C. Dreiling for Architect Magazine this morning and had one of those "yep totally makes sense" type of moments.  The medical community in alliance with architects from the American Institute of Architects recently met and [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Architect (to get to know them)

The architectural design process isn't a dark art or an overnight hit (unlike that cool YouTube video, you know, that one that got 975,232 hits then disappeared).   The design process is a fun, imaginative, and productive process that can take some time depending on the size and complexity of the project in question.  How [...]

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The Great Wall of Wine

If you are a wine connoisseur or appreciate good wine and you are without a place to house or display all your prized bottles, look no further than your next remodel project.  Wine storage can run the gamut from a few bottles in your regular refrigerator to a feature display wall in your dining room to off-site [...]

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