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2017 Bark+Build

The Dallas AIA and TEXO have partnered with the SPCA again this year for the Bark+Build contest, pairing up architecture firms and general contractors to create unique dog houses which are raffled off in December.  Proceeds benefit the SPCA of North Texas - a worthy cause for sure.  While Eckxstudio isn't one of the architecture firms [...]

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2017 AIA Dallas Home Tour

It's home tour time!  Just sending a quick plug out for the area AIA chapters - fall is the time of year most have home tours around the various Texas chapters that host them; it just so happens that both AIA Dallas and AIA Austin scheduled their tours on the same weekend (see below).  I'm [...]

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Happy Holidays 2016!

Seasons Greetings from Fifth Dimension Design! This is our modern holiday card design for 2016.  Last year I went slightly Clark Griswold on our card (see it here) but decided to feature recent projects on this year's card.  If you are a current client you might just spot a sketch of your home on our street [...]

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Happy Holidays 2015!

  Happy Holidays!  2015 has been an exciting year for Fifth Dimension Design, and I want to take a moment to thank all those individuals and companies that contributed to this success.  I know our partnerships forged during 2015 have enriched the projects we have worked on together.  Clients.  Contractors.  Consultants.  Suppliers.  All of you. Thank [...]

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Support the Texas SPCA!

If you've seen our recent post on the 2015 Bark & Build competition and fundraiser benefiting the Texas SPCA, you know Fifth Dimension Design partnered with Attaway Renovations to design and build the doghouse we titled Untitled 2015 / Woof.  All the doghouses were installed at NorthPark Mall on Monday, November 16th and will be [...]

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Could that be…a modern dog house?

Fifth Dimension Design is proud to announce our partnership with Attaway Renovations as one of the 15 teams participating in the 2015 AIA Dallas / TEXO Bark + Build  contest.  We have designed and built a modern dog house which will soon be on display at NorthPark Mall from November 16th through December 7th.  All 15 [...]

Is this a [color] test?

I was told this wasn't like school and there would be no more tests.  And that there would be snacks.  I don't see any snacks.  What?  Now I have to take a test?  Oh boy. The jobs of an Architect and Designer frequently include the evaluation of colors....colors of paint, materials, metals, you name it. [...]

Cats love Modern [Architecture]

Friday fun!! Actual proof is finally documented!   ______________________ At Fifth Dimension Design, we design unique and stunning projects that are crafted one by one to reflect who you are, how you live, and how you work and play.  We partner with you and in learning about you and your family or business are able [...]

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Architecture-Inspired Gifts

Some say modernism is dead.  I say never!  It's a classic style that allows so much creative freedom, and the spaces and objects created with modern emphasis are all around us.  And the object doesn't have to be a Corbusier chair or Barcelona lounge to qualify as inspired modernism.  I found these desk planters interesting [...]

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Competition Winners

The 2015 Dallas AIA 10 Under 10 Competition is all wrapped up, and the winning entries will be on display Thursday March 26th at the Young Architect's Forum event at Bryan Street Tavern.  Event details may be found here.  Fifth Dimension Design owner Dan Eckelkamp, AIA was among the architectural competition winners - see our winning [...]

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Interesting Housing!

I was on vacation last week in Colorado, and walked right by this building several times one evening - it's the town of Avon's City Market (grocery store).  I remarked to my wife something like "hey, these two towers seem out of place.  It's a grocery store and you usually don't see architectural embellishment on [...]

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10 Under 10 Winner!

I entered the 2015 AIA Dallas' 10 Under 10 competition and found out this week I was selected as one of the winners!  The competition is hosted by the AIA Dallas Young Architects Forum (YAF) for architects licensed 10 years or less.  I'm happy to have been selected as one of the winners, and am [...]

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2015 Austin Modern Home Tour Visit

This past weekend I attended the 2015 Austin Modern Home Tour.  The weather couldn't have been better for early February and I toured many of the available houses with family and some enthusiastic friends.  Note - if you're going to go on a home tour and haven't done so before, allow me to give you [...]

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Design Contests

Quite often Architects enter design contests of all kinds.  Sometimes (in regards to architecture) patrons or corporations hold an open-invite competition to solicit ideas and find a talented pool of Architects for their upcoming project.  Or sometimes the group holding the competition invites a few select firms to compete for a commission.  But what ever [...]

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Christmas for an Architect

It's officially December 2014, and the Christmas/holiday season has long been underway.   That means it can only be a short time until people everywhere start to buy up gifts for children, friends and more.  Don't forget your Architect and Architect friends!! The all-too-early start to the holiday season and part of the Thomas Heatherwick Studios exhibit [...]

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