Seismic Coffee Table – Part 3

The modern Seismic/Coffee\Table is coming along well.  If you've just joined us, the earlier posts for the coffee table design and the beginning of fabrication can be reviewed for reference and catch-up.  Most of the piece-by-piece cutting is complete and I'll begin assembly of each of the coffee table segments, then show a few images [...]

Modern Residence for Sale

Check this out:  The largest house I've ever worked on to date is back on the real estate market.  My wife and I saw this announcement just this past week in the Dallas cultural e-mails.  This over-14,000sf modern residence has been on the market once before, and the new listing has some good photos to [...]

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Seismic Coffee Table – Part 2

I wrapped up Design Development on the Seismic/Coffee\Table and through discussions with the clients ended up modifying the wood coffee table design just a bit to suit the clients' needs.  The previous post "Modern Coffee Table" examined my design origins and presented two options - one in aluminum and the other in wood.  You can see that [...]

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