Happy Holidays 2016!

Seasons Greetings from Eckxstudio! This is our modern holiday card design for 2016.  Last year I went slightly Clark Griswold on our card (see it here) but decided to feature recent projects on this year's card.  If you are a current client you might just spot a sketch of your home on our street perspective [...]

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Solar – Version 2.0

For a few decades now, going green to harness the power of the sun for your home's electricity needs has meant adding solar panels to the roof or some other sun-drenched place on your property.  We'll call that Solar 1.0.  Some designs I am aware of (mostly outside of Texas) have turned the solar panels vertical [...]

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It’s a Snap!

It's a snap!  That's what they say anyway.  And I pretty much believe them too. They = SnapPower What = Snap Power's newish electrical receptacle cover plates that transform any outlet into a night light without reducing the number of outlets available for your use. I say newish because according to the company the product [...]

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Decking Ideas

I've recently been searching for options for exterior deck material and was curious to see how products compare to one another.  There are value options available everywhere, but you have to temper your expectations when going the value route - often those products require more maintenance than more robust (read: costlier) products and generally fail [...]

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Seismic Coffee Table – Part 3

The modern Seismic/Coffee\Table is coming along well.  If you've just joined us, the earlier posts for the coffee table design and the beginning of fabrication can be reviewed for reference and catch-up.  Most of the piece-by-piece cutting is complete and I'll begin assembly of each of the coffee table segments, then show a few images [...]

Modern Coffee Table

I was recently commissioned to design and build a unique, modern coffee table for a husband & wife client.  They searched the internet and local furniture showrooms without finding something that speaks to their tastes and space, and we randomly struck up a conversation about how it can be difficult to find the ideal piece. [...]

New Sleek and Modern Bike Rack

New Product / Idea Alert! Tired of bicycles being locked to posts or trees on your property? Yeah I kind of thought so.  I recently saw this low-profile rack in an advertisement.  Great design, stays out of the way when not needed, and isn't an eyesore somewhere on your property.  But I'm guessing it's a [...]

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New Doorbell…and Camera!

Check out this new doorbell (smartphone-inspired and connected) from German company DoorBird (www.doorbird.com) - I believe it just debuted at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  While its looks are certainly inspired from a certain smartphone (I have one sitting on my desk right now, beeping at me as I have a [...]

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Christmas for an Architect

It's officially December 2014, and the Christmas/holiday season has long been underway.   That means it can only be a short time until people everywhere start to buy up gifts for children, friends and more.  Don't forget your Architect and Architect friends!! The all-too-early start to the holiday season and part of the Thomas Heatherwick Studios exhibit [...]

Solar Power for The Home

What would it take cut my utility bill and go green by adding some solar panels to my house? And can I afford to do it? It turns out that understanding the move to solar power requires: An internet connection for research A bunch of previous utility bills for comparison At least a few phone calls A couple [...]

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Mitigate Potential Storm Damage to your Home

Last Thursday afternoon (Oct. 2, 2014) a large and powerful storm swept through the Dallas metro area.  Straight-line winds up to reported gusts of 90-mph did considerable damage around the area, and dealt a heavy blow to the power lines and trees all across the area.  My home was without power for over 2 days, [...]

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Glass Roofing Tiles

I saw this new product featured in one of the architecture newsletters I receive and thought....hmmm interesting.  While concrete or clay roofing tiles aren't new products, and aren't thought of as particularly modern in design by many people, these glass tiles could be a bit of a game changer.  For one, when combined with a [...]

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New Product – MakerBot & Home Depot!

I saw a news flash in one of my architecture publications a little while ago that bears sharing.  You may find the entire piece here.  MakerBot (3D printers) and Home Depot are teaming up and installing demonstration kiosks in 12 stores.  3D printing technology is a growing market and Architects are one of the primary targets [...]

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