Project Description

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Eckxstudio has designed this transformation to a 1980s-era 1-story brick home in Dallas, Texas, modernizing and expanding it to over 5,000 square feet by adding a second story and through carefully crafted ground level additions. The home will receive numerous material upgrades including industry-leading Concept Surfaces porcelain tile and custom walnut cabinetry. Our focus on increasing the durability and comfort within the home allowed us to dramatically increase energy efficiency with new windows, doors, insulation, and high-quality HVAC systems.

Homes of this era are notoriously leaky when it comes to air infiltration, and the design will employ a relatively new-on-the-market AeroBarrier air-sealing system to provide a high level of air-tightness. This barrier directly translates into owner benefits of a more comfortable home and a very healthy home as air leakage can no longer bring in pollution, allergens or allow easy ingress from insects.

Demolition on the existing structure began in February 2020 with construction and expansion kicking off in March 2020. Construction is schedule to be complete in the Fall of 2020.