Project Description

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Eckxstudio’s transformation to this 1980s-era 1-story brick home in Dallas, Texas modernized and expanded the home to over 5,000 square feet. A second story was added by enclosing the former odd-shaped front porch creating room for a new front entryway with a custom-designed staircase. The home features numerous material upgrades including industry-leading porcelain tile throughout and custom walnut cabinetry. Eckxstudio increased the durability and comfort within the home through energy efficiency improvements of new windows, new doors, new insulation, custom LED lighting and high-quality HVAC systems.

Homes of this era were notoriously leaky when measuring air infiltration, and the design employed the relatively new-to-the-market AeroBarrier air-sealing system to provide a high level of air-tightness. This barrier, while hidden, gives our clients the benefit of a more comfortable and very healthy home as air leakage can no longer bring in pollution or allergens, or allow easy access from insects.

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