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Eckxstudio is a full-service architecture studio founded by licensed architect Dan Eckelkamp, AIA LEED-AP. Dan is passionate about matching your needs, wants and desires with a truly great architectural design! Building or renovating something as large as a house is a complex task. We’ve done it many times and are here to guide you along the way, help keep things progressing smoothly and get you the high-quality results you want.

At Eckxstudio, we design stunning projects that are crafted to reflect who you are, how you live and how you work and play. Each project is a unique representation of the clients and their wants and dreams.  No repeats.  No copies.  Period.  We feel crafting great designs with clarity and precision require three elements: time, passion and skill.  Compromising the design process isn’t often a win-win and our strategy and detail-oriented approach results in a personalized and remarkable outcome.

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The relationship we form with you is the core foundation to your project’s success. We leverage our considerable design and building experience and combined with your experiences and goals transform your dreams into built reality. We can be there every step along the way until you move in – or specifically tailor our services to fit your situation. Architecture and design is what we do best – and we want your modern home to be personalized, relatable and meaningful.

Hear it from our Clients.

“That’s Dan fine architecture.”
Elizabeth C., San Antonio, TX

Selected Works

We design unique and inspired projects, each crafted to reflect our client’s individuality, their program and be highly functional.  Who you are.  How you live.  How you work and play.  We partner with you, and in learning about you and your family are able to express who you are in your new home and create an exciting environment for you to live in and love.

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Our Services

Eckxstudio is a full-service architecture studio – we’re there with you every step of the way to make your dreams come to reality.  Design is an iterative process and each project requires a unique effort to take it from initial design to construction completion.  Contact us to talk about your goals and dreams so that we can elaborate on our services for your project.


Understanding your program, budget and dreams


Design Development

Construction & Permit Drawings

Detailed and developed drawings to guide a contractor to correctly build your dreams to fruition

Engineering Coordination

Bidding & Negotiation

Site Observation

Hands-on approach, working and planning with contractors during construction to achieve masterful results


Project Completion

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