Interesting Housing - Condos in Colorado

Interesting Housing!

I was on vacation last week in Colorado, and walked right by this building several times one evening – it’s the town of Avon’s City Market (grocery store).  I remarked to my wife something like “hey, these two towers seem out of place.  It’s a grocery store and you usually don’t see architectural embellishment on basic grocery store buildings.”  I suspected they were there for some reason, other than spending extra on CMU’s and paint.


The next morning I was across the street from City Market, and in the daylight hours – BAM – the towers make sense.  From a distance back you can see that there are condos above the grocery store.  Let me repeat that.  Condos above a grocery store!  Because I haven’t seen it before.  Now without poking around (didn’t want to bug anyone…or get questioned by police) I can tell the towers enclose stairs from the parking area up to the condos.  I’m really wondering what the interiors are like.  At least an owner can’t say “hey, I’m out of food and getting groceries takes too long.”


Here’s a close-up of the building.  I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece of architecture or anything, just very interesting housing!  If you’ve been to Avon, Colorado, you probably know the reasons why these condos were developed above the grocery store.  A) real estate is scarce in this mountain town and B) here’s your view:


If you’re a skier you might identify these slopes as the beginnings of Beaver Creek’s Arrowhead & Bachelor Gulch area.  Just a quick shuttle bus ride away too!


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