We will explore the value of modern architectural design in this first post of a series.  The question we come across fairly often is “is a modern house worth more than a traditional house?”  While complex in nature we will explore this from a few sides and see if the conclusion is indeed having an Architect design your home adds substantial value.

First, a comparison of estimated sales value to the appraisal district’s estimated market value.  Case 1: an award-winning modern house built in 2007 with estimated sales value 30% over estimated market value.  Case 2: a modern house built in 2010 and designed by a different architect – sales value estimated at 10% higher than market value.  Case 3: a tract house built in 1985 – sales value only 1% above estimated market value.  Case 4: a standard house built in 1997 – sales value equal to market value.

By these examples perhaps having an Architect-designed home does add value.  And if the value added exceeds your architect’s fee – bonus for the homeowners.  Stay tuned – more to come soon.

Know of any studies on this topic we can review?  Comment with your info!


This post was originally written before re-branding as Eckxstudio for Modern Architecture at the end of 2017.

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