I recently received an e-mail advertising a unique (and new?) product to help heat swimming pools, and after all the recent rain in north Texas it caught my eye because my own pool is still a little chilly to swim in.  It’s June 18th.  Unless the day is like today….upper 90’s and very sunny out and I just had to mow the yard.


Image courtesy of Therma-HEXX

These plastic panels by Therma-HEXX may be a great solution if you are installing a new pool and are looking for a relatively green way to heat (or cool) your pool.  They presumably interconnect with one another and can be looped off of your pool pump.  When the decking/pavers above them absorb solar heat during the day, water pumped through the panels will absorb this heat and transfer it into your pool.  Vice-versa, if during the nighttime hours you pump hot pool water through them, the heat should be transferred from the panels to the pavers thus cooling off your pool.  Heat will always transfer from high-heat to low-heat through convection or conduction, and these pavers seem to grasp onto this really simple method.

Since the major alternative to heating a pool is a high-BTU gas furnace, and the alternative to cool the pool is an electric heat pump, these Therma-HEXX panels seem to require far less natural resource input to do their job.  I’m guessing some additional energy is expended to pump the water through the panels and tubing, but it is probably less of a cost than paying for many additional cubic feet of natural gas or kilowatts of electricity.  I have no idea what the cost would be for an average system, but I’ll update this post if I find out.


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