It’s summer. I live and work in Texas, included in the southern reaches of “Tornado Alley” and there have been a few big tornados in the past week across parts of Tornado Alley. These storms made me think back to when I was a child visiting my grandparent’s farm where they had the shelter, a concrete-lined box in the ground with a metal door. Now with so many cities in the path of potential storms, we have newer options to potentially include in new houses that do not need a big yard with an unsightly hole in the ground

When working with your Architect, mention during the planning stages that you might consider building a storm shelter within your new home if you think you would want one. There are many sources of information to consider on shelter design & parameters (beyond the scope of this quick information post) but having a shelter can give you peace of mind. And done right I feel you gain both a shelter and space that can be alternatively purposed for storage or safe-keeping.

Some new shelters consist of reinforced concrete walls and ceiling secured to the structural slab, or steel plates very well secured to wall structure that is in turn bolted to the foundation.  I’d like to say it’s easy to retrofit a shelter into an existing home, but you’ll have to give up some space your currently have to do so. Consult with your design professionals for more information. At Eckxstudio we can even craft up a sneaky way to conceal the door to the shelter, so you could use it as a safe room or a place to store valuables. Beats running out into the yard and into a concrete bunker every time a storm approaches!
Image of a Tornado Image of traditional storm shelter image of modern storm shelter interior







This post was originally written before re-branding as Eckxstudio for Modern Architecture at the end of 2017.

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