Our Policies

Almost all websites today, including Eckxstudio’s architecture blog, may capture data about you as you read/post/peruse.  If you are not sure what something means – ask.  Contact information is available at the bottom of the Privacy Policy.  Data collected about you may be used for the purpose of enabling you to read, respond to, and find content relative to this site and nothing else.

Time – Data may be kept forever.

Business Commerce – Data may be sold for commercial gain (but really, we don’t do it.)

Advertising – Data is not given to advertisers.

Law Enforcement –  Data is given to law enforcement only through the course of legal processes being followed.

Analytic Services – Data may be collected by analytic services.

Audience – This website and blog is intended for all ages. Keep it clean.

Conduct – Commenters have the right to be presented with age-appropriate dialog and should be treated with courtesy and respect. If you feel there is a violation of this policy, please notify the site owner.

Site users and commenters are expected to treat one another with respect. Keep it clean. Site owner may delete any material site owner deems offensive.

Monitoring – The site owner has the right to edit or delete comment data at their discretion. Harassment on the site or in comments in not tolerated.

Privacy of your Identity – Data related to your identity (like your name, URL, and email address) won’t be sold to 3rd parties. But if you post it for all to see, you shared it for the internet to find.

Anonymity – You may comment anonymously. Your choice.

License to Publish – By posting on this site, commenter gives site owner a worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual and non-exclusive license to use comment data in any form site owner chooses.

Legal Indemnity – Unfortunately we live in the world we do. This statement is therefore necessary: Commenters agree to hold harmless and indemnify site owner and authors from any and all legal damages and recourse, and liabilities perceived to be caused by participating in this site’s online conversations.

Contact – Questions about this privacy policy?  Please contact the site owner here.

Copyrighted Information

All intellectual property – images, text, designs, and material presented through this website are copyrighted materials and property of Eckxstudio LLC.  Intellectual property of Eckxstudio may not be used for any purpose without express written permission of Eckxstudio LLC or its LLC member/managers.  All rights reserved 2014-2034.