The job of an Architect is a multi-faceted role.  The core of what we do is design work for our clients (you)!  Design is a fairly nebulous umbrella covering a range of phases that, when put together, add up to a complete architecture project.  We will lay out what each phase consists of through a series of posts, including the construction phase, so you may gain a greater understanding of what to expect when you renovate or build your new home.

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Design Development:  Otherwise known as “DD,” Design Development takes inputs from Schematic Design (SD) and layers in more development and details to give your project a highly designed quality.  I often think of this phase as the meat of it all, because many important decisions get made during this phase which form what your project will look like when finished.

We continue to develop the shape and form of the building and apply more developed thoughts on what materials to use and what colors they may be.  At the same time we often create sketches and studies of how different pieces and elements come together so we understand how construction details might start taking shape.

You and your architect will probably have quite a few meetings during this phase to review drawings, notes, renderings, etc.  As we elaborate on the basic design(s) set forth in SD, we will study interior and exterior features of the project.  We might massage room placement and size because of design opportunities that pop up; some changes might be a different or more-relevant response to your building program.


As DD progresses, we will show material options and decide upon many of the major systems that will be in use.  Our office will likely produce 3D renderings and drawings to communicate visual items to you.  For instance, we might make a computer model of the entire exterior of the home, and you will be able to see what the exterior looks like from different vantage points.

We will also collaborate with consultants such as structural engineers or others so they can design important systems that make up the house.  You often don’t see these systems, but they are very key to a complete design – the best visual design I can come up with is still not quite complete if there is no viable structural way to hold it up!

At the finish of the DD phase you should have a fairly complete and logical design.  Most of the big decisions are done, and you will have a very good idea what your project will look like.


Next phase: Construction Documents


This post was originally written before re-branding as Eckxstudio for Modern Architecture at the end of 2017.

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