Check this out:  The largest house I’ve ever worked on to date is back on the real estate market.  My wife and I saw this announcement just this past week in the Dallas cultural e-mails.  This over-14,000sf modern residence has been on the market once before, and the new listing has some good photos to view…you know, if you have that much cash sitting around looking for an investment.


I was part of the design team at the firm that designed this iconic house on Northaven Road.  The firm isn’t around anymore (the real estate crisis of ’08-09 put the hurt to more than a few architecture firms) but working on this house was awesome.  My main focus was the master closets….yeah, yeah, I know that may seem a little, well, little.  But the his/hers closets totaled almost 600sf of space with 12′ high ceilings, and a serious investment in materials and labor.


I spent at least two weeks working on the design and detailing, which can accommodate a serious collection of clothing.  For instance, I designed the cabinetry in a 9′ high base module with another 3′ high section up to the ceiling, separated by a custom ladder track.  It’s the horizontal stainless steel line you see above the main doors in the photos.  With these two cabinet modules, 4 garment rods can be vertically stacked  and the owner can fill up the space efficiently.

No expense was spared and trust me, if you become the lucky owner of this house (and closet) you’ll find a bunch of specialty features rarely available in ordinary closets.  The “hers” side comes with a custom makeup vanity area and room for literally hundreds of pairs of jeans (in case you have that many) and the “his” side can fit an abundance of cowboy boots and specialty items.

Working on the design of this modern residence was fun, and I’m looking forward to designing similar projects for you!

Residence listed by Becky Frey for $7.95 million.


This post was originally written before re-branding as Eckxstudio for Modern Architecture at the end of 2017.

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