It’s a snap!  That’s what they say anyway.  And I pretty much believe them too.

They = SnapPower


What = Snap Power’s newish electrical receptacle cover plates that transform any outlet into a night light without reducing the number of outlets available for your use.



I say newish because according to the company the product debuted in late 2014, but I just became aware of it through an architecture & design trade magazine/newsletter.  Frankly it is a really smart idea.  Traditionally to have a nightlight you buy a barnacle-looking thing into a wall outlet and it lights up at night.  They generate heat, stick out from the wall like, well, a barnacle, and are generally ugly and avoided by architects and designers.

SnapPower saw a good market opportunity with their LED system built right into the outlet coverplate.  Their product data says as the light sensor detects dwindling light wherever you put it, the LED lights automatically turn on and use no more than $0.10 a YEAR! to operate.  I’ll take three!  Seriously, I would consider this product if I had the need for a night light and now I have yet another product to add to my professional tool kit should something like this be needed during lighting design.

They have options with USB chargers as well, and the cover plates come in three colors.  But as an architect there is white, and everything else.  Stick with white.  The cover plates also look like a DIY’ers project dream – they install with a simple screwdriver in under a minute.  You apparently don’t need an electrician or wiring knowledge (unless you are replacing a hard-wired night light and in that case proceed with caution or hire an expert…..we’re not saying you should be your own electrician unless you really know what you’re doing).


All images of SnapPower products courtesy of SnapPower Press & Media kit.  Eckxstudio has in no way been compensated by SnapPower for this review.  We just thought it is a cool product worth telling you about.


This post was originally written before re-branding as Eckxstudio for Modern Architecture at the end of 2017.

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