If you are a wine connoisseur or appreciate good wine and you are without a place to house or display all your prized bottles, look no further than your next remodel project.  Wine storage can run the gamut from a few bottles in your regular refrigerator to a feature display wall in your dining room to off-site climate-controlled storage for thousands of bottles.

There are endless possibilities that you and your architect can come up with to store your “right” amount of bottles.  And there are a few simple things to keep in mind when planning for your storage area.  Good wine storage usually means keeping the temperature and humidity at decent levels.  The average home refrigerator is usually too cold for optimal storage.  When building a custom storage system there are specialty refrigerators or chillers that we can design around to meet your needs.

Also, think about vibration around where you will store your wine bottles.  Wine experts recommend storing bottles (for long-term) on their sides and away from strong vibration sources which can lead to premature aging of the wine.  That nook underneath your staircase still might work if proper detailing is used to limit vibration transfer from the stairs above to the wine bottles.


images credit: photography – James Stockhorst    design – Vin de Garde Modern Wine Cellar Designs

Lastly it is recommended to keep wine away from direct sunlight so a location in your house with windows may not be ideal.  Most wine storage areas and cellars do have well-planned artificial lighting so you can display your treasures at night while entertaining.  I just wouldn’t recommend leaving the lights on 24/7!

Have the need for some new wine storage?  Contact Eckxstudio – we’d love to help.  Our architect Dan Eckelkamp will throw his creative process to your project and come up with a unique design for you and your home.  (Disclosure: the wine bug “bit” me during a trip to Tuscany and I’d love to know what treasures you cellar….I’ll probably be pretty envious!)


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