Glass Roof Tiles -New Architecture Product

Glass Roofing Tiles

I saw this new product featured in one of the architecture newsletters I receive and thought….hmmm interesting.  While concrete or clay roofing tiles aren’t new products, and aren’t thought of as particularly modern in design by many people, these glass tiles could be a bit of a game changer.  For one, when combined with a non-terra cotta color like the image at the below right, it does appear really contemporary.  Two, the glass tiles could be installed over attic purlins for instant attic illumination.  Three, tile roofs tend to last a very long time and offer quite a lot of protection to your home.

But where these glass tiles really appear to shine (no pun intended) is in allowing light to penetrate the roofing onto a system below that can convert the incoming sunlight into heat energy to be pumped into the building, or to potentially heat water for domestic use.  While this doesn’t seem too groundbreaking, I think it really is.  This system eliminates any mechanical or plumbing items from being installed above the roofing, and thus mounted on parts that have to penetrate the roofing which may lead to leaks.  If you already have a tile roof you can probably retrofit the glass tiles into your existing roof and capitalize on the energy harvesting systems available from SolTech.

The SolTech headquarters is in Sweden, and I did not find a listing for a US representative.  I bet it is only a matter of time before these are available in the US.


Images and Product Credit: SolTech Energy

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