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Cool Pool!

And you thought an infinity edge swimming pool was the most streamlined pool design out there!  Now you can make the edges (and indeed the whole pool) tuck away beneath usable ground space.

I recently saw this Tech Insider article profiling an amazing new concept for the backyard swimming pool.  As with many new products I see, this movable pool floor system is a blended work of art and engineering from a foreign firm – in this case the company AGOR Creative Engineering, originally founded in Israel.


You can find videos of AGOR Creative Engineering’s system on YouTube or wait out a short ad on Tech Insider to see a product demo.   I’m guessing the price of the hydraulic movable floor system makes it fairly unattainable for the average pool (OK, surely unattainable for an average pool) but if you’re tricking out an estate or private pool in Manhattan or Las Vegas this could be your ticket to definitely one-up the neighbors.  The safety aspect with the decking raised up is amazing.  It looks virtually impossible for a wandering child to fall into the water – something you can’t rely on a standard retractable vinyl cover to do.

Kudos to the early adopters of this pool system.  I definitely want one!


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