It’s officially December 2014, and the Christmas/holiday season has long been underway.   That means it can only be a short time until people everywhere start to buy up gifts for children, friends and more.  Don’t forget your Architect and Architect friends!!

The all-too-early start to the holiday season and part of the Thomas Heatherwick Studios exhibit at the Nasher Sculpture Center (the Christmas cards Heatherwick Studios sent to friends and clients, on display in the downstairs gallery) got me to thinking about gifts that are ideal for an Architect.  Behold, Eckxstudio’s first annual holiday gift suggestions for your Architect and Architect friends:

1) a Zaha Hadid-designed chess board, recently commissioned by Harrods (London).  Price not yet known but I’m guessing $$$.  It is made of highly sculptural acrylic and I’ve only seen a few other chess sets worthy of the modernist label.


2) a very architectural timepiece such as this classic “La Tradition” model from Breguet on the left.  The hierarchical arrangement of features and the exposed structure and inner-works make it quite the design to behold.  But it’s muy expensive.  So unless you have a money tree in your backyard, the timepiece on the right (designed by D. Guidone) is much more reasonable and has the minimalist vibe going for it.  The gold-colored version is available in the MOMA store for under $150.


3) one of the architectural Lego sets, as we Architects can’t resist building something when blocks and bricks are at hand!  My favorites are the iconic houses such as the Farnsworth House designed by L. Mies Van Der Rohe in Plano, Illinois which I had the privilege of visiting a few years ago.  The Villa Savoye model below looks remarkably like the actual Villa outside Paris designed by Le Corbusier.


4) a gift of coffee beans (or pods, whatever) as Architects are often seen as sleep-deprived and caffeine-hungry beings.  What goes better with some fresh brew than a new mug to drink it out of!  This mug found on Zazzle reads “Trust Me I’m an Architect”.  I second that motion!


5) a streamlined and modern alarm clock.  Good ones are pretty hard to find – I’ve been looking for the right bedside clock for years and I just recently saw this one available from the MOMA Store.  It’s battery- or USB port-powered, and measures a small-ish 2-3/4″ on each side.  I want one.  Before Christmas.


6) a great architecture book such as the Complete Case Study Houses Program by Taschen.  There are many, many volumes dedicated to great architecture and design, and I have this book and rank it up among the best.  Any modern Architect can draw inspiration and detail from volumes such as this hefty book.


7) a few pens for sketching such as the thin-tipped Sharpies or my favorite at the moment, a wisp-thin felt-tipped Foray Stylemark pen.  Come to think of it I need to order a few more.


Have a favorite we may have left off this list?  Send us a comment with your recommendations so we might be able to highlight them as well.  Happy Holidays!

Note on any item above: prices change, different resellers likely have different pricing, and some items might not be readily available.  Through this post Fifth Dimension Design is not endorsing these products or making any money off the sale of these items if you link to them, nor are we selling any of them ourselves.  Just a fun list for the holidays!


This post was originally written before re-branding as Eckxstudio for Modern Architecture at the end of 2017.

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