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Architecture-Inspired Gifts

Some say modernism is dead.  I say never!  It’s a classic style that allows so much creative freedom, and the spaces and objects created with modern emphasis are all around us.  And the object doesn’t have to be a Corbusier chair or Barcelona lounge to qualify as inspired modernism.  I found these desk planters interesting – great for the residential architect or fan of residential architecture:


If having plants on your desk isn’t your thing, how about giving your backyard bird feeder a replacement with this feeder with a serious nod to modernism (note…the squirrels will probably demolish any seed put out in this open feeder but oh well, I guess there’s room for improvement in most designs):


Seen a similar modern product?  Let us know about it in the comments!


At Fifth Dimension Design, we design unique and stunning projects that are crafted one by one to reflect who you are, how you live, and how you work and play.  We partner with you and in learning about you and your family or business are able to express who you are in your new space, and are able to create an enriched environment for you to live or work in and love.

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